Top 5 Must-Have Hair Styling Tools for Traveling

Whether you’re off to a tropical destination to enjoy some rest and relaxation on the beach or by the pool, or are planning a vacation that involves snowy mountains, lots of snow gear, and cups of hot cocoa, there’s always one thing that makes traveling tough – deciding which hair styling tools to pack for the trip.

This is especially true for those that swear by the “carry on only” packing rule when flying to their final destination. After all, if you pack your entire bathroom, complete with all the beauty essentials, you’ll quickly find yourself without any room to pack actual clothes in your suitcase.

That’s why today we’re here to tell you which styling tools are absolute necessary, so you know which ones are better off staying at home.

1. Hair Dryer

No matter the size, bringing along your trusted hair dryer while vacationing is always going to be worth it. Especially if you are headed to a destination full of sunshine and swimming.

Sure, the hotel may have a built-in hair dryer for you to use. But have you ever actually used one of those things? They never work right and will have you wishing you had given up some suitcase space for your hair dryer immediately.

2. Flat Iron

The same can be said about your reliable flat iron. If you have to make room for two essential hair styling tools, the flat iron (along with the hair dryer mentioned above) are going to be your best bets.

After all, what if you have a romantic evening planned and want to style your hair to look less beachy or adventurous, and more sleek and styled? You’re going to need your flat iron to create straight and beautiful locks. And if you know how, you might even be able to create some stunning curls using your flat iron too, making it a win-win traveling tool.

3. Dry Shampoo

Long flights, hours in the car, or just an extra day of sleeping in is going to call for a dose of dry shampoo at some point. Luckily, adding a travel-sized canister of dry shampoo to your carry on won’t be an issue with security, and your hair will always look fresh and clean.

4. Nature Skin Shop Products

If carrying on your bag is an issue, and you don’t want to rely on your hotel to provide shampoo and conditioner, check out the Nature Skin Shop.

They offer unique shampoo and conditioner bar options that are not only easy to travel with, they actually work. They last a long time, aren’t liquids that will explode in your bag or get you in trouble with TSA, and come with natural ingredients that won’t damage your hair (or make it smell funny).

5. GlamWaves Headband

Being on vacation means taking time off from the real world. And, for many women, this means taking time off from dealing with a head full of hair that needs serums, gels, blow outs, and curling.

If you’re looking for a great way to get luscious, wavy hair, without all the fuss, check out the GlamWaves headband. Simply roll your damp hair up at night, get a good night’s sleep, and unravel in the morning. And the best part is, not only is this more comfortable than curlers, it’s easier to pack, saving your much needed suitcase room.

And there you have it! 5 essential hair styling tools you should pack the next time you’re traveling. After all, being on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t still look good.

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