The World of Jewelry

24(1)Jewelry is an item that contains attractive mineral or minerals, the attractive mineral can be precious or semi precious stone that was cut and polished to make it that attractive. It can also contain rocks such as lapis-lazuli and other organic materials such as amber or jet.

Uses of Jewelry

1. Functional use such as pins and buckles

2. Wealth display

3. Artistic display


Common precious/semi precious item used in Jewelry

1. Amber – a very soft and easily scratched gemstone that is made of semi-solid organic shapeless substance secreted in cells of the plant called Resin that was hardened over time. It can be found worldwide.


2. Amethyst – an inexpensive, widely used gem which is a violet form of quartz. It is said that amethyst helps someone let go of the old and an all that holds someone back. It can be found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Canada and East Africa.


3. Emerald – the green form of the mineral beryl which comes in may variety

a. Colombian emerald – exceptional emerald quality.

b. Brazilian emerald – a lighter color emerald that Colombian emerald

c. Trapiche emerald – emerald with black impurities in the form of 6 rayed star.

d. Star emerald – usually refers to Trapiche emerald.

e. Cat’s eye emerald – a rare emerald that has a cat’s eye effect. This gemstone is believed to heal emotional causes of physical illness.

It can be found in Afghanistan, Brazil, Columbia, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


4. Jade – often associated with the green color but comes with a number of other colors as well. This gem is often called “The stone of heaven”. It is often used as ornaments of high ranking members of the imperial family. It is said that this gemstone helps promote body relaxation to improve sleep, and reduce body tension. Jade can be found in Australia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Taiwan and U.S.


5. Jasper – a popular gemstone among birthstones, which is used in healing mental stress and balance yin yang energies. It can be found worldwide.


6. Lapis Lazuli – is a rock that is popular among Feng Shui practitioners. It is used to help harmonize heart and mind. It can be found in the countries of Afghanistan, Chile, Russia, and U.S.


7. Moonstone – is a potassium aluminum silicate used by people to sooth stress and anxiety. Often found in the countries of Germany, India, Brazil and Mexico.


8. Ruby – is a transparent red corundum that is often associated to love, power and passion. It has magnificent color, outstanding brilliance and excellent hardness. Often found in the countries of Afghanistan, Kenya, Kampuchea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Thailand.


9. Sapphire – is a transparent corundum usually blue is the main color of the gemstone, sapphire, which is often associated to harmony and sympathy. It is also the most affordable main precious gemstones (ruby, emerald and sapphire). It is used to help expand someone’s mental potential.

Found in the countries of Australia, Malawi, Kampuchea, Thailand, Sri Lanka and U.S.


10. Diamond – has a remarkable optical characteristic and known for its toughness. The hardest substance on earth. It comes in three varieties.

a. Bort – opaque diamond, dark in color.

b. Fancy – diamond in deep red, green, blue or purple color.

c. Canary diamond – Diamond in deep yellow color.


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