The Pitfalls of Fashion, Three Shoes Your Feet will Thank You not to Wear


While they may offer comfort and breathability, flip-flops don’t provide much protection for your feet. Foot injuries are far more common when your feet are exposed, and most podiatrists recommend that individuals with diabetes avoid wearing flip-flops, as simple cuts and scrapes can cause serious complications down the road. Flip-flops also provide no arch support, which can cause planter fasciitis (a painful condition that pulls on the heel as you walk), and lead to knee, hip, and back problems.

Fans of flip-flops should consider purchasing a pair of fitted flops, instead of buying a pair off of the rack. Fitted sandals feature thicker soles that keep the foot off the ground, and away from most sharp objects and debris that can cause injury. Fitted sandals also offer better arch support, and consumers should consider looking for brands that carry the American Podiatric Medical Associations seal of approval.

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