The Influence of Ongoing Trends on Fashion and Personal Style

Fashion and Personal Style

Personal style started becoming a trend in itself when celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Kate Moss started doing fashion their way. Sienna teamed her ongoing trend pieces like torn jeans with vintage classics and her Boho-chic personal style became a trend. Kate Moss’ jeans and leather jackets have been an ongoing trend for years, but her innate ability to create stylish outfits from old pieces in her wardrobe – with a few of the latest designer accessories – has always made her the queen of shabby chic and a style icon for many.

We all have beloved items in our cupboards that are still worn today by the fashion conscious. Leather jackets, jeans, little black dresses and plain white t-shirts are ongoing trend pieces that have withstood the relentless march of fashion. These timeless classics are staple wardrobe items and without them there are several looks that would simply not survive.

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