The Difference Between Sunglasses for Men and Womens

Frame Color

Women’s sunglasses come in a variety of colors, while men’s sunglasses come in a limited selection of colors. While most men may not select colors such as pink, light blue, or any colors that may be linked to femininity, the same cannot be said of women. Women are more likely to wear black, dark blue, or other colors associated with masculinity without viewing these preferences as an issue. Despite the disparity in frame colors between men’s and women’s sunglasses, there are unisex frames that come in silver, black, or neutral colors to cater to the similar preferences of both genders.


Women’s sunglasses have an edge over men’s sunglasses in the design arena. Designs such as leopard prints, polka dots, engravings, and other unconventional patterns are commonly used on women’s frames. Men may have limited access to such designs, however they can have a custom designed sunglasses.


Wire frames are used in the design of men’s sunglasses, while plastic frames are used in women’s sunglasses.

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Despite the minor differences in men’s and women’s sunglasses, there are many unisex sunglasses available to fill the preferences of both genders.  Furthermore, women may find it much easier to wear men’s sunglasses, since they are less concerned about how they are perceived by the masses.


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