The Difference Between Sunglasses for Men and Women

Frame Shape

The shape of a frame may become a stumbling block in your quest for the ideal sunglasses if you’re a woman. Since men have larger faces, this means they will require a pair of frames that protect most of their eyes. Men’s frames may be too large for a woman of a smaller size. If she wears such frames, they may cover almost half her face. Some women may prefer to sport this look, since these frames may provide them with greater protection from the sun. They may also give some women a fashion edge over other women who prefer the more traditional looking frames. With fashion trends changing from year to year, women may find men’s frames more sporty than the women’s ones.

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Frame Color

Women’s sunglasses come in a variety of colors, while men’s sunglasses come in a limited selection of colors. While most men may not select colors such as pink, light blue, or any colors that may be linked to femininity, the same cannot be said of women. Women are more likely to wear black, dark blue, or other colors associated with masculinity without viewing these preferences as an issue. Despite the disparity in frame colors between men’s and women’s sunglasses, there are unisex frames that come in silver, black, or neutral colors to cater to the similar preferences of both genders.

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