The Difference Between Sunglasses for Men and Women

Frame Size

The most distinguishing feature between men’s and women’s sunglasses is the size. Men have generally larger faces than women. This is evident in the eyes and ears being farther apart; as well as the longer bridge of the man’s nose. Due to the disparity in the facial anatomy between men and women, the materials used in constructing sunglasses is far greater for men than women. However, you can still find unisex sunglasses that are perfect fits for both genders. Although they may fit perfectly on both sexes, they may have a glaring difference in appearance because of each person’s varying facial structure. Some eyeglasses stores may carry different sizes in the same unisex frame. If the frame you select happens to be bigger than your face, you can request a smaller one. There is a greater chance of finding a substitute that works for you in the same price range. Even if you’re unable to find a smaller fit in that specific unisex sunglasses, you may be able to have the frames customized to fit your face. You may have to pay for this service depending on the store from which you buy.

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