Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Your New Summer Handbag

Summer is here which means only one thing to a fashionista – summer fashion! That’s right, it’s time for some skin to be shown and those jackets to be thrown.

One of the hottest accessories to drop each summer are the summer handbag lines. Designed for the heat and always to keep you looking sweet, designers from all brands brings out their new vision for your summer.

Before you begin to dream away online as you shop away your summer on the Groupon Coupons page for Talbots, it’s good to ask yourself a few questions each time that you find that perfect handbag that you simply must have.


Does it really hold everything that you need? We mean, really?! Too many of us become a little defensive about how many items we keep in our handbags that we like to pretend that we don’t need a bag as large as we do.

Now is the perfect time to shed the shame and get a bag that comfortably holds what you need! If you need a beach bag to carry your things, own it! Just make sure that the TSA is going to let you on any planes, first!


Sure, it has space, but can it keep your life organized. Clawing your way through a handbag as you look for your purse is only cute in the movies. In real like it just wastes people’s time, including your own. For this reason, look for a handbag that offers inside storage options, such as pouches, zip compartments, and even hidden areas to store your personal items.

Will You Actually Use It?

There are going to be handbags that are so pretty that you simply can’t live with them. Of course, they may not be the most practical. Just because you see a gorgeous handbag doesn’t mean that you have to walk out the door with it. Be sure that you will actually use it and that it won’t sit at home collecting dust because it can’t hold the items you need it to.

Are You Going to Take It Into Spring?

Your lifestyle needs are different in spring than they are in summer. And if you plan on carrying your summer bag into the spring season then it’s important that it can also handle anything your regular spring is going to throw at it.

Is It Well Made?

You are going to come across a number of bargains and then you are going to come across a number of items that are simply too cheap to be true. While they may look great, the reduction in price is often at the cost of quality. Before you buy a handbag, thoroughly inspect the stitching and craftsmanship to ensure that it isn’t’ going to fall apart in a few months time.

Of course, the number one rule when it comes to finding the right handbag for you is to make sure that it makes you happy! If you look a handbag and it just makes you smile, then you can bet that you have found the right one for you!

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