Must Have Silver Jewelry for Your Next Evening Party

Every woman’s jewelry box should have a silver piece or two. Aside from pearl and diamonds, silver jewelries are also considered versatile pieces that could match every evening event. They may be small, but they play a big role in completing your overall look.

Nevertheless, there are still some rules you must follow when wearing silver pieces. Read along this article and discover more silver jewelry rules for all sorts of evening parties.


Most bachelorette parties are done at night. The main rule is that it should match the event. If the theme of the party is prim and proper, you don’t want to wear wild accessories. Instead, wear silver accessories that have simple yet sleek designs. You should also stay away from spiky outlines.

Next to consider would be your attire. Wearing a petite dress calls for a necklace with a simple pendant. If it’s a black closed neck dress, wearing a silver choker with a few rhinestones will surely make you look more glamorous.

Party rock

If is an evening rock party, silver with studs is a must. Nevertheless, be sure you don’t overdo the outfit. A leather choker paired with leather bracelet is fine, but both having few spikes and studs is definitely better.

You can also wear a plain black belt with silver embellishment over a gray or white top. This may not be a formal party, but that doesn’t mean you should forget the rules on jewelries.

Formal event

Not all evening parties are wild. Let’s take work-related parties, for example. Most work-related events are formal; hence, your attire should also correspond well. If you’re a petite woman wearing a long gown, incorporate a shiny, shimmery silver belt to emphasize the waist area.

If you have a small-shaped face, refrain from wearing too detailed earrings because it will most likely crowd your pretty face. Silver lariats with colored gemstones on both ends look perfect for cocktails.

Dinner party

You should always look stunning in every dinner party you attend. This calls for the plain black velvet shoes with a silver anklet. You read that right; anklets can be worn even on semi-formal events. A simple ring will also add elegance to your overall attire.

Because this is an evening event, nothing can beat the glamour that silver pieces can bring. Hence, wearing a headband with silver accent is also advisable. If not, you can just go for silver hair clips.

Prom and after prom

If you’re a teen who’s way too excited for the prom, this is the perfect section for you. Silver pieces can bring magic on that prom night if it’s worn correctly. Stay away from silver necklaces and bracelets if your gown is already embellished with silver sequins. Instead, go for ribbon bracelets that are the same color with your gown. But whatever happens, do not remove the silver ring.

In every event (even the casual ones), it’s just right for every woman to look at her best. You don’t have to buy the most expensive silver jewelries just to look presentable. You just have to learn how to play around with your accessories.

This is a guest post by Jacqueline Castro a fashion blogger for Silver Jewelry, an online source for affordable, quality silver jewelry pieces.


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