How To Wear Animal Print

Animal Print Bags

Utilising matching footwear and clutch bags, a look popularised by Marion Cotillard and other Hollywood stars, is a winning combination and can be applied equally well to bold colours as it is to animal print designs. By utilising more vibrant designs in two areas of an outfit, the wearer further adds dazzle to their look without becoming over bearing. It is important that once one animal print pattern has been decided it should be applied to both bag and shoes rather than trying to mix and match. So, for example, a plain dress would look fantastic when teamed with Zebra print shoes and bag but if the wearer was to change their look by switching to a leopard print bag, they would become a bit of an eye sore. It is also worth noting that, due to the vibrancy of animal prints, the rest of the ensemble should be relatively muted so as to not clash. Animal print belts can also be utilised in the same fashion.

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