Earn Some Extra Cash by Selling Your Unwanted Jewelry

Is there anybody in this world, who doesn’t like money? Probably answer could be “no”, everyone might have looking to earn maximum from their investments. Why can’t this be done with old unwanted ornaments? It can be happen with any one that you may tend to buy jewelry of various kinds and may not use them frequently. Instead of keeping that unwanted trinkets with you, you can find some ways to get extra money from it.

Here are some innovative methods to sell your unwanted jewelry:-



  • Cellar and Auction Hall: One of the best ways to get extra cash is to collect your unused jewelry and go for a basement sales, this means you can put a sort of display at your place itself and can entertain those who are really interested in purchasing. In this method, you can really earn large amount, and profit earned can be dependent on the demand of that item in public. If you really want to make profits this way, all you need is put some extra effort in arranging the essentials to start auction. You can also put the unused items with the help of online auction halls like eBay etc.
  • Sell your diamonds, along with broken jewelry: If you find any kind of precious stones like diamonds and a few costly gems along with some broken jewelry from your ornaments box, and if you want to dispose them in the exchange of money then you may be astonished to know the value of each item. Since they carry good exchange rates these days. In case, if you don’t know the updated market prices of these items, you will really be in trouble as it could be difficult to negotiate for better rates in such circumstances.
  • Pawnbrokers: This is another method to sell ornaments. You can go to your nearest or local pawn broker, whom you know better and can ask him to provide the best price deals for the broken and the old jewelry you own. You can also search online about the prices and best deals. While exchange with cash, compare ornamental rates with that day rate. And make sure that they do not deduct much, as they are second hand stuff.
  • Loans against ornaments: Many banks and financial organisations are providing a great facility known as ‘Loan against Jewelry’. At this, all you need is pledge your jewelry in the bank and they provide you loan against the value of the loan, charging you a small amount of interest on it. You can repay it in monthly instalments and can get back your valuable.
  • Using platforms for extra money: There are other platforms like Flipkart, quikr and jewelkart.com, which provide an excellent platform for selling and buying metals for the best price rates available in the market. By this, you can also maintain a good network and can establish this as your business, once you get experience in this field.
  • Commodity market: This is the latest way and on-going process that is happening in recent days. You can always invest in commodity trading in exchange of the old jewelry, which will fetch you a good fortune in the future. See the least price and then buy the metal of any type or diamonds and set the trigger, so that it can sell automatically once it reaches the desired price that has set by you. For example, if you set the trigger for metals like gold as sell at $1600 an ounce. Then it will automatically sell in that way and the money will be credited to your trading account.


Written by author who is working on ppi claims. Which is a compensation received by borrower from lender.

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