Becoming a Fashion Stylist

Who a Fashion Stylist Is

Many start their path to becoming a fashion stylist by being an assistant to other fashion stylists. To become a fashion stylist, you may need to possess a strong personality because your recommendations can come into question and you need to defend them. Innovation, creativity and intuition are the three most important characteristics to possess as a fashion stylist. You’ll need to also constantly be keeping your eye on the ebb and flow of fashion trends because you not only need to keep up but predict where they might go. The life of a fashion stylist is glamorous, but it is also incredibly stressful; if you have the passion and the will, becoming a fashion stylist will be the most rewarding career path you will ever undertake.

Eugene Calvini is a writer with an appreciation for fashion from the delicate silk blouse to the intricate saffron dress, he understands how special clothing can be.

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