Beatific Beauties: The 5 Top Fashion Models of all Time

    1. Naomi Campbell: Known for her diva tendencies, Naomi Campbell is a fashion pioneer of her day. Not only is Campbell considered a top fashion model, she is also credited with breaking racial barriers by being the first black model to the grace the covers of the French and British Vogue. Despite her proclivity for phone-throwing, she even managed to turn her 5 day community service stint into a feature in W magazine.
    2. Cindy Crawford: There was stage in her career where her face was everywhere. Cindy Crawford and her beauty spot has become a household name in many parts of the world, and her profile as a top fashion model is not only well-known – it’s expected. Pulling off a bodacious style that was really out of sorts with the popular heroin chic look at the time, Crawford carried a distinctiveness that was hard to shake.
    3. Linda Evangelista: One of the first five women who laid claim to the term ‘supermodel’, Linda Envangelista was also one of the original faces of L’Oreal. Close friends with Karl Lagerfeld back in the 1980s, it isn’t too surprising that this is a woman who was quoted as saying that supermodels “don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day.” A top model of high fashion with a taste for caviar, she has walked the runway for every legendary designer in fashion – and is an unapologetic legend herself.

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