Beatific Beauties: The 5 Top Fashion Models of all Time

The legacy of the catwalk belongs to the models that have graced its platform surface. Renowned for their flawless beauty and envied by their mere mortal compatriots, top fashion models (popularly referred to as supermodels) have made their mark within the world of haute couture. They are icons within their trade, each of them celebrated for their sky-high legs and breathtaking features.

top 5 fashion models

Top 5 Female Fashion Models of All Time

  1. Gisele Bundchen: This Brazilian babe was first discovered in Sao Paolo when she was 14 years old. Just a sun-kissed teenager then, she became one of the most sought after supermodels by the time she was 20. Six years down the line and she was the highest paid supermodel in the industry. Her sideline activities have included high-profile relationships with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Brady. The antithesis of waiflike figures like Kate Moss, Bundchen dominated the catwalk in the 90s and continues to be a sought-after commodity today.

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