A Guide To Sexy Swimwear For Ladies

The Tankini
The tankini is a reasonably new form of swimwear that has only been popular for the last couple of years. Similar to a bikini, a tankini comes in two separate parts but instead of a bra style top, the top section is more like a vest. The tankini is not known to be as sexy as a bikini but can be more practical for most water-based activities.

The Full Swimsuit
More traditional, the full swimsuit offers a little more cover than a bikini yet can still be sexy. Full swimsuits come in a variety of styles including wide or thin shoulder straps, high or brief style legs, low or high cut tops or even halter neck style. Swimsuits can be plain in colour, striped or patterned to create the perfect look for you. They are much more practical for water sports than bikinis as there is no chance of it falling off.

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