A Guide To Sexy Swimwear For Ladies

The Bikini
The bikini is probably the most popular style of swimwear for ladies seeking to achieve a sexy look. The least subtle form of swimwear, the bikini exposes the most flesh and leaves little to the imagination. There are three main styles of bikini. The first is the bandeau style which features a strapless top that generally fastens at the back. Although this style of bikini can look extremely sexy on ladies with ample cleavage, it is probably the least practical for those who enjoy water activities. A more practical style will be the conventional bra style bikini which features two shoulder straps. This style tends to offer good support whilst still offering a sexy look. The final style of bikini is the halter neck which includes a single strap which connects the top of each bra cup and goes around the neck. This style exposes slightly more flesh yet still offers a great level of support, making it ideal for all kinds of water sports.

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