A Few Ways to Help You Buy Diamonds for a Loved One

DiamondsAah, beautiful, glittering diamonds! Who wouldn’t want the luminous gemstone glimmering on their hands, around their neck or twinkling merrily on their earlobes! Diamond jewellery has been the chosen one since time immemorial; From the kings and queens sitting on their thrones, to the  designer divas to the average lay-person who dreams of possessing a beautiful diamond some day, these precious beauties are coveted by all. The innate timelessness, eternal strength and beauty of a diamond make them the most perfect gifts, whether it is for an engagement ring, a birthday, an anniversary or just because someone is special enough for you to do so!

Buying diamonds or diamond accessories for someone else is definitely harder than buying one for yourself. You want to put due thought , consideration and preparation into it and also find the best piece possible. Let’s take a look at the three main things to consider when purchasing diamonds for a loved one –


Their Personal Style and Preferences

Although this particular point seems like a given, it is easy to walk into a store get dazzled with the gorgeous gems on display and get overwhelmed by choices. It is also easy to pick our the first thing in your budget or something that appeals to your style and aesthetics. But stop!

Diamonds are something you want your special receiver to be wearing for years to come, to cherish and to enjoy; besides they do not come cheap. So take a little time to consider what kind of jewellery and styles they wear, whether they would prefer a pretty pair of earrings or a luminous solitaire pendant, a classic colourless stone or something more different like colourful necklace laden with yellow or pink diamonds, a small delicate piece or something big and bold. Take your time to peruse through the many, many options available today. Think about what kind of jewellery they already possess, what would go with their wardrobe and style etc. You can always take a close friend along to help you narrow down the choices.

Also in case you are planning to buy a ring, make sure you check for the person’s ring size first. Surprising someone with a perfectly fitted diamond ring is sure to give you brownie points!


The Type of the Stone and Setting 

There are so many different kinds of diamond cuts available today. From the elegant and timeless round diamonds, the royal looking emerald cut diamonds, cushion cuts, pear or tear drop shaped diamonds, heart shaped gems and more. Keep the wearer’s personal aesthetic and occasion in mind when doing so.

Settings for jewellery come in all kinds of metals nowadays from silver to platinum to palladium. Find out what your loved one has a preference towards and if they are allergic to any metal.


The Quality of the Diamond 

The quality of the diamond you are thinking of purchasing is of utmost importance. Do a little research beforehand about the ‘4 C’s’ that serve as guidelines for buying that perfect gemstone, namely the cut, the clarity, the carat weight and the colour. The cut will make a world of difference to a diamond’s look or radiance, the carat weight will indicate size, the colour is especially important when looking at coloured gems like blue, brown and pink diamonds and the clarity pertains to the natural inclusions and gradations in a diamond. Buying the best diamond in your budget should be the aim and do not compromise on quality just because of sales and promotions. Make sure you buy certified diamonds and also find out whether you are looking at laboratory made or natural stones (these being more valuable).

Buying diamonds and diamond jewellery for a special someone in your life, shows  a certain amount of care, thought, time and money has been invested in the gesture. Buy a perfect piece and watch their face light up as bright as the gemstone in their hands!


Bio – Stephanie Prebis owns a small upscale jewellery boutique and has been designing and selling diamond jewellery for the past two decades. She often writes on the changing trends of gift giving and has noted the rising popularity of vibrant gems like blue and pink diamonds along with the timeless colourless ones.


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